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  • Oily hair


    Sebum is secreted by sebaceous glands, which are particularly voluminous and abundant on the scalp.

    The physiological secretion of sebum is necessary for beautiful hair. We see that hair is oily when sebum is secreted in excess, and it impregnates all hair shafts by capillarity.
    Seborrhoea can have 2 types of causes:
    An external cause, such as the regular wearing of a helmet or excessive sweating
    Or an androgenic hormonal problem

    The sebum secretion process is hormonal dependent.
    By inhibiting the enzyme affecting sebogenesis, it is possible to regulate sebaceous gland activity.

    KLORANE nettle extract

    This perennial is entirely covered in urticant hairs. Its roots grow from a creeping, underground stem, which produces new shoots every year. An extract is obtained using a hydro-alcoholic solution. This extract contains polycyclic compounds, which have an effect on the enzyme influencing sebogenesis, and as a result is able to regulate sebaceous gland activity.


    Restore your hair’s former glory after baby

    Hair loss after birth

    After the birth of your baby...
    During pregnancy, hair is generally beautiful, thick and bursting with health. After birth, however, hair is weaker, damaged, and can suddenly begin to fall out.

    Why does this happen?

    The hormonal cycle returns to normal, and oestrogen levels suddenly dive. As a result of this abrupt reduction in hormones, all of the hair that should have fallen out gradually over nine months is suddenly lost all at the same time.
    The birth is also a source of fatigue, emotion and stress. As a result, hair is weaker, and it loses its density and volume.

    KLORANE Laboratories' solution

    For the rapid return of thick and healthy hair, KLORANE Laboratories have developed QUINAFORT for Women, a comprehensive anti-hair loss treatment. Easy to use and non greasy, it does not weigh hair down and specifically targets hair loss caused by the arrival of a new baby.

    The Klorane solution

    QUINAFORT for Women is based on an original formula containing patented natural plant extracts, which offers a unique mode of action that has an effect on both the scalp and the hair itself, and stimulates the cutaneous microcirculation and metabolism needed for the development and growth of strong, healthy hair.

    Klorane cinchona extract

    KLORANE Laboratories have selected a specific variety of red cinchona (Cinchona succirubra Pav.) for its high quinine content. This molecule, with its proven and patented stimulating and fortifying properties, acts directly on the scalp to promote the growth of the hair shaft. It also contains cleome (Cleome spinosa Jacq.), a plant naturally rich in sulphur, which delivers sulphur amino acids to strengthen the keratin structure of the hair, and thus increase its resistance.

    The efficacy of QUINAFORT for Women

    Clinical studies performed under dermatological control revealed hair growth to be stimulated in 90% of women*.
    Hair is visibly stronger and thicker, and has more volume and density.

    Klorane anti-hair loss program with cinchona

    Fortifying cinchona capsules
    QUINORAL fortifying, anti-hair loss treatment is perfectly compatible with QUINAFORT topical anti-hair loss treatment.
    QUINORAL slows down hair loss, restores hair density and increases its resistance.

    Fortifying shampoo and balm with quinine and B vitamins.
    KLORANE’s fortifying shampoo and balm with quinine and B vitamins are true energy and beauty boosters for tired hair, and can be used in conjunction with or as a follow-up to topical QUINAFORT anti-hair loss treatment.
  • Dry hair

    Is your hair dull, coarse and prone to breaking? Do you have split ends and difficulty detangling and managing your hair?

    Your hair is dry, and therefore weak. In the same way that your epidermis reflects the health of your skin, the cuticle, which is the outer layer of the hair, reflects the hair’s general health.
    Healthy hair is protected by its cuticle’s scales, which are smoothed over the length of the hair shaft, and a surface hydrolipidic film, which protects the cuticle from dehydration.
    The scales of the hair can lift up from the shaft, either naturally or as a result of external aggression (blow drying, hair colouring, perms, etc.), and the surface protective film becomes damaged.
    When this happens, the damaged cuticle no longer assumes its protective role, and stressors (UV rays, pollution, wind, cold, etc.) attack the cortex, at the heart of the hair. The water naturally found in the hair evaporates, the keratin is deprived of its proteins, and the melanin is harmed.
    The structure of dry hair is damaged at the heart and at the surface. Dehydrated and destructured, it becomes dull and coarse and tangles easily. If it is not looked after, the hair becomes fragile and breaks, and its ends split. Dry hair requires special care, applied regularly to restore its balance and to prevent dehydration.

    The solution for dry hair nourishment and repair

    For greater anti-drying efficacy, dry hair treatment needs to act at the surface and deep within the hair. It needs to: nourish and restructure the hair deep down to restore its resistance, vitality and bounce; close the scales on the cuticle to make hair smoother and shinier; and restore the integrity of the surface hydrolipidic film to lastingly re-establish the hydration level of the hair fibre.

    Offer your hair a course of nourishing KLORANE mango butter treatment...
    A tree sacred to Hindus, the mango (Mangifera indica L.) has been cultivated in India for more than 4,000 years. It is a robust tree that can grow to between 100 and 130 feet tall. Its fruit, the mango, has a kernel that is particularly rich in essential fatty acids, from which mango butter is obtained by cold extraction.

    KLORANE Laboratories have selected mango butter for its high concentration in ultra-nourishing fatty acids. It nourishes and restructures the hair shaft, smoothes down the scales of the hair and restores the integrity of the hydrolipidic film, which protects the hair from dehydration.
    Results: dry hair is nourished and hydrated; it is repaired and restructured along its entire length, and therefore less prone to breaking and more resistant to brushing; it has a smoother surface, and therefore is softer and shinier; and it is protected, and therefore more resistant to external aggression, responsible for dehydration.  

    A hair care line specially formulated to restore dry hair

    The KLORANE hair care line with mango butter is made up of 4 products, designed to satisfy the needs of even the most damaged dry hair:
    Nourishing treatment shampoo
    Nourishing and untangling conditioning balm
    Intense nutrition repair mask
    Fluid and nourishing coating no-rinse care for dry and damaged ends
    Their rich, particularly creamy and satiny textures leave the hair soft and shiny and easy to detangle without weighing it down. Even the most dehydrated hair is revitalized, and its natural beauty restored.
    Dry hair: tips and pointers
    Be gentle with your hair... just as you would be with your skin.
    Avoid water that is too hot, too hard or too chlorinated, as it has a drying effect on the hair.
    Use a large toothed comb, which smoothes the hair without traumatizing it, to untangle your hair before and after applying each hair care product.
    To avoid damaging its protective scales, pat your hair dry with a towel without ever rubbing it, and say goodbye to harsh, rough brushing.
    Beware of hot hair dryers: use them at their lowest setting, and avoid concentrating the heat on a single area for long periods of time.

    Oxygenate your scalp
    Massaging your scalp every day improves blood circulation, which will nourish the hair bulb, and stimulates the sebaceous glands to create an effective hydrolipidic film that will protect the hair from dehydration.
    Improve your general state of health
    Eat a balanced diet, being careful to vary your protein, vitamin and mineral intake. And spare a thought for food supplements.
    Resign yourself to... extreme solutions!
    Cut down on all forms of damaging hair treatment (blow drying, crimping, backcombing, etc.) to give your hair’s scales a chance to recover. If you have split ends, there is only one solution: cut them off, then treat the hair with specifically formulated products such as KLORANE Fluid and nourishing coating care with mango butter (follow the link above to find out more).
  • Colour-treated hair

    Natural hair colour, a physiological characteristic

    The different types of hair colouring and their effects on the hair

    Permanent oxidation hair colour
    This type of hair colouring involves the OXIDATION of hair melanin: the natural melanin pigment is solubilized and a new coloured pigment is combined with the keratin. Oxidation also damages keratin hydrogen bonds and disulphide bridges. This leads to greater hair shaft fragility.
    Temporary hair colour
    Temporary hair colouring is the least aggressive for hair. The colouring pigments used have a low affinity with keratin (their size is designed to prevent hair shaft penetration) and they bond superficially to the cuticle, a little like make-up. They come off after just a few washes.  

    Permanent hair colour, changing hair's properties

    Colour-treated hair, further damaged from day to day
    Colour-treated hair is further damaged by everyday actions and living conditions, which contribute to colour discharge, increase hair degradation and faded and dull hair colour.

    Enemy no. 1: detergent. Who hasn’t seen coloured water disappearing down the drain when washing hair for the first time after changing hair colour, as if the colour is disappearing with it? This discharge phenomenon is caused by a detergent action that is too strong. With successive washes, such a strong detergent action can strip the hair of its colour, which gradually fades and becomes dull.

    Enemy no. 2: UV rays. The sun weakens and dulls the hair. Solar rays also trigger the formation of free radicals. What’s more, UV rays damage hair scales, which lift up and can no longer reflect the light; this is why hair loses its radiance.
    Enemy no. 3: water. Water swells the hair fibre and encourages the discharge of pigments. Hard water is one of the main causes of dull hair. The calcium contained in water is deposited on the hair shaft and damages the hair cuticle.
  • Dandruff

    The formation of dandruff

    The formation of dandruff
    The scalp is made up of different cell layers one on top of the other. One such layer is the stratum corneum, which forms a natural protective barrier. This barrier is made up of cells, called corneocytes, joined together by a cement rich in lipids, called intercorneocyte cement.

    On a healthy scalp, corneocyte desquamation is an invisible process because the cells released are extremely small.

    On a scalp with dandruff, the desquamation of skin cells is visible because the cells are larger.

    Dandruff can be caused by:

    Accelerated cell renewal combined with scalp dehydration and the structural modification of the intercorneocyte cement.
    Corneocytes are eliminated in the form of visible dandruff

    Excessive Pityrosporum ovale (yeast) proliferation
    Cause of itching and irritation

    Dry dandruff?  
    Dry dandruff is characterized by small, lightweight, white flakes that come away easily from the scalp.
    Oily dandruff?
    Oily dandruff adheres to the scalp and is a frequent cause of itching.
    Severe cases:
    Excessive Pityrosporum ovale proliferation
    Structural modification of intercorneocyte cement
    And in most cases, excessive sebum secretion
    Characterized by:
    Excessive desquamation of the scalp
    Severe itching and irritation
    Scales adhering to the scalp

    KLORANE Laboratories anti-dandruff range offers solutions tailored to different types of dandruff

    Severe cases of dandruff:
    Initial treatment:
    Anti-dandruff shampoo with red thyme from Spain
    Severe cases of dandruff
    Severe itching and irritation
    One month of treatment, 2 or 3 applications per week
    No-rinse anti-dandruff solution with red thyme from Spain  
    Prevents the return of dandruff
    Soothes itching
    Alternate with shampoo
    Mild dandruff:

    Oily dandruff:
    Anti-dandruff treatment shampoo with myrtle extract
    Eliminates oily dandruff stuck to the scalp
    2 or 3 applications per week

    Dry dandruff:
    Anti-dandruff treatment shampoo with nasturtium extract
    Rapid elimination of dry dandruff
    Purifies the scalp
    2 or 3 applications per week

    Follow-up treatment:
    Soothing shampoo with peony extract
    Alternate with anti-dandruff shampoo
    Soothes irritated scalps
    Calms itching
    2 or 3 applications per week 
  • Blond hair

    Klorane camomile naturally lightens blond hair

    Klorane camomile: background and tradition

    Native to Mediterranean regions, camomile is a large and very aromatic annual that has been used since ancient times.
    Matricaria recutita L. is a particular variety of camomile that has been selected by Klorane Laboratories for over 40 years for its particularly high concentration of natural pigments, which attach themselves to the scales of the hair without penetrating to its core.

    It lightens blond hair and brings out extremely natural highlights in light brown hair. Born of Klorane Laboratories’ expertise, the new camomile shampoo, brightening cream conditioner and sheen-enhancer vinegar finishing rinse together form a valuable hair care programme suited to all types of natural, streaked or colour-treated blond hair.
    Matricaria recutita L. camomile also has softening properties, and boosts radiance and shine without damaging the hair in any way at all. In addition, it can be used by all members of the family, even children.

    Klorane camomile hair care naturally lightens your blond hair

    Shampoo with camomile
    Blond to light brown hair
    Specially formulated for natural, streaked or colour-treated blond hair, the golden and fluid texture of Shampoo with Matricaria recutita L. camomile gently cleans and lightens hair and leaves it delicately perfumed.
    Results: Hair is soft, supple and manageable. It is luminous and shiny with radiant golden highlights.

    Brightening cream conditioner with camomile
    Dry and damaged blond hair
    Ideal for dry and damaged blond hair, Brightening cream conditioner with Matricaria recutita L.

    The Matricaria recutita L. camomile range

    proven effectiveness on blond hair
    In order to assess the efficacy of their camomile extract, Klorane Laboratories carried out a study to measure hair shine after use, using cross-polarized photography.
    Hair shine had significantly increased in 70% of the women who had used the camomile extract range.
    The Klorane hair care with camomile program: Proven results


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