Linum usitatissimum L.

Family Linaceae


Flax is a plant that currently offers a variety of applicaton. Textile flax is used for its long fibers, which, after various processing steps, produce the linen thread used for making fabrics. Linseed is grown for its edible seeds that are rich in oïl and protein. They are widely used in the field of dietetics as they are very rich in essential fatty acids. In the food industry, the mucilage of its seeds can be used to replace gum arabic. In herbal médicine, flax seeds are used for internal and external purposes due to their emollient and soothing properties. In cosmetics, flax is mainly used for its anti-aging and softening properties. Recently, its use in hair care has been established thanks to the volumizing properties of its mucilage.


Klorane Laboratories, derive mucilage from flaxseeds: soluble fibers composed of polysaccharides, which offer film-forming properties, act as powerful natural protectors to support and volumize hair from the root.


Latin name: Linum usitatissimum L. English name: Flax, common flax or linseed Family Linaceae
Flax is an annual herbaceous plant with a straight fibrous stem that can grow to 80 cm tall. The leaves are simple, alternate, linear or lanceolate. Its blue flowers are solitary and are borne on a straight, elongated stalk. Its fruit are capsules which contain smooth, glossy seeds of varying shades of dark Brown that measure 4-6 mm long.
Flax has been cultivated for so long that we are not aware of its wild form, and its origins are uncertain. Currently, L. usitatissimum is widely cultivated in Europe and many other regions in the world. It grows wild in the vicinity of fields, meadows and roadsides. There approximately 200 different species of flax.


Flax has been grown since ancient times and dates back to the origins of agriculture. Along with Hemp, it is the second oldest known textile plant. Numerous archaeological remains of it exist, and fabric fragments dating back to 8,000 B.C. have been found. Flax was used to make clothing, sails, ropes and canvas. The burial shrouds of Egyptians and the bandages in which they wrapped their mummies were made from flax 23rd century B.C. Hippocrates (5th-4th century BC) was the first to indicate their mucilage to relieve coughing. In the 15th and 16th centuries, linseed oïl was widely used in medical practice.


Volume and texture


Combining the power of Klorane Flax with pharmaceutical standards, the Flax fiber line reveals unique and luxuriant formulas with high volume-enhancing performance.

To showcase the high technical sophistication of these hair care products, the formulators drew inspiration from the infinitely soft blue of flax flower petal in bloom.

Hair is consistent, airy and luxurious soft and full of life, beauty is restored with fuller volume for long-lasting and natural results.



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