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An example of a typical journey of a Klorane product.

For Klorane Laboratories, the birth of a new product is all a question of passion, creativity, efficacy, safety and, most importantly, satisfying your expectations to the best of our ability.


Carefully selected plant active ingredients


Klorane Laboratories take great care in selecting the plants used to produce the extracts for their product formulations, while also showing respect for plant biodiversity.
Plant extracts used by Klorane Laboratories comply with the strict standards laid down the Pierre Fabre Botanical Expertise guaranteeing optimal efficacy and safety.


Suitable and pleasant formulae


Our teams of cosmetic chemists use the most up-to-date techniques to create cosmetic products that are easy to use and offer fluid, feel-good textures and a pleasant fragrance.
Bacteriological and analytical tests are also performed to guarantee optimal storage.


Tested for your safety


Klorane Laboratories’ cosmetic products are subject to countless tests to ensure they are as safe and harmless as possible.
None of these tests can begin until the toxicologist has certified the safety of the ingredients that go into the product.
Clinical studies and in vivo tolerance, biometric and photobiological tests are conducted on each new product by clinical investigators or applied research centres.


Tested for your satisfaction


A panel of 70 women, trained to test cosmetic products, measure the sensations perceived when new products are applied. These tests are performed blind and in comparison with other products. Based on their comments, the formula of a product may be modified to satisfy your expectations.
These products are then distributed to about one hundred untrained people to be tested in real life conditions.


Manufactured in modern facilities


Our cosmetic products are manufactured at the Soual factory, in Tarn, which has a quality assurance system that meets ISO 9000 standards. Quality control is carried out at each stage of the manufacturing process. This quality control process, assisted by a powerful computer system, guarantees the safety and traceability of all operations. This factory is capable of producing 4,440 tons of products a month.


Protecting our environment and educating our children


Our research laboratories and extraction, manufacturing and packaging facilities all respect the environment.
All of our packaging is recyclable and compatible with selective waste sorting.
Furthermore, the Klorane Institute does all it can to impart knowledge about our plant heritage, organizing botanical and mycological events to teach our children to understand and respect the environment.


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